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Netflix TV Season How To Get It Mailed?

So i just got netflix and i am loving it but i cant figure out how to get the TV season shipped it just goes into saved dvds not the movie queue :( and 1 more thing is there a way to know if its being mailed? Thanks for any help


It was the leverage season 2 it says the season started july 15 so they probaly dont have it on dvd yet then i did not even think about that thanks!

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    If a selection(TV season or otherwise) goes into the "saved" category as opposed to "your queue", it means one of two things:

    1- the TV series is not yet available on DVD

    2- Netflix doesn't carry that DVD

    Movies in the "saved" queue will not be mailed out, since Netflix doesn't have it/ doesn't have it yet.

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    Which TV season did you get mailed? Its probably being saved because Netflix doesn't have it yet. Like did you put in a new tv show?


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