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youtube sound quality?

i got a problem with one of my videos on you tube the other day i recorded a video on the site of you tube when i was recording the video when i was finish i previewed it the sound sounded offel i have no idea if its youtube or my laptop or it self or what

i Ran Some Sounds Tests

i Tested the sound outside of youtube and it worked out just fine

i have wireless sound and i have a built in web cam by the way

And i tried re recording it and the sound still came out bad can somebody please help me

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    Sound quality is generally lower on youtube.

    Compare the sound of your video on the site with another similar video.

    If the sound is unaudible or extremelly low quality it is usually because a lot of sound and visual quality is almost always lost when uploading recorded material onto youtube and other websites

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    Have you ever heard of punctuation or grammar? Learn how to write and people might understand what you're saying. You tube compresses the sound and video when you upload, so there's quality loss.

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