If you believe in potty training early...?

If you believe in potty training young (18 months-2 yearsish), how do you determine readiness, and how do you potty train? Do you take the child to the potty on a set schedule while at home and then use pull ups at night? What do you do to potty train young?

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    when your child tells you they went in their diaper that is one sign and they also have to develope some kind of bladder control that isn't something that can be forced they do it when they are ready pull ups are no different than diapers if you use them only do it at night all you can do is introduce potty training at this age and if they catch on early that's great if not then I wouldn't push it just go at their pace be patient and give stickers when ever they do go and make a huge deal out of it.In my experience my boy's were harder to train than the girl but I had them all potty trained by 2 1/2 potty training is one of the hardest things about having a toddler it can happen in a week or you could be doing this for months just remember it will happen when he or she is ready rather it's 18 months or 3 years old.Good luck!

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    I won't say I had her potty trained, but she was using the potty for 2 weeks, without a diaper during the day, when she was 22 months. At night I put a diaper on her for the first couple days, but when I realized she wasn't peeing at night I stopped using them during those 2 weeks.

    Readiness - She obviously wasn't ready since she no longer uses the potty, but when she was using it she was very interested in the potty.

    We didn't have a set schedule to put her on the potty. She was pretty good about telling us when she had to go potty. When she would tell me she had to go potty I would take her to the potty and sit her down, after about 2 or 3 days all I had to do was tell her to go sit on the potty.

    I will never force her into potty training. I will wait until she is interested in the potty again before I start potty training again.

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    You start by getting them used to the potty. Letting them sit with clothes on, letting them flush, things like this so they wont be scared. Then you take them(encourage them to go) every hour on the hour. If they do use the potty then you reward(or I did) them with something small, stickers for example. Plus you praise them all day for staying dry and what not. Really get excited when tehy go to the potty and use it. After they have stayed dry for a few days take them to buy big kid underpants. Let them pick them put themselves. I started at 2. If the kid just has no interest or is scared or will not try at all dont push them to do it. It will work out in time, when they are ready

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