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How to train my 10/11 month old beagle puppy?

Ok, so I have a puggle puppy (he is a mix of a pug and a beagle), he is about 10-11 months old, we went camping this week but it was hard for him to deal with, I need help training him not to run away when not on a leash and how to stay on his own bed instead of jumping up on to mine, and also not to bark when we leave the house. I want to be about to trust him to not run away from me and my parents are wanting to get rid of him, but I don’t want to. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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    Off the hook? Or staying on a tight leash.:

    I don't think you should take him off the leash quite yet. He's to young. You need to keep her on the leash until you trust him to stay close. Get one of those leashes that are small but extend very far. The best way is to keep the leash at the top of her neck behind her ears and give it a tug when ever he walk off too far. You should continually do this until he stays near your side. After that you should let him of the leash. If he messes up again, you put her back on the leash for that week. This should work, but it will probably take a while. And only one of your family members should do this, dogs are more trainable and more comfortable with only 1 master.

    It's your bed, NOT his.:

    First of all he needs to know how to lie down and stay. After that get him to lie down and stay on his bed. Go to your bed and once he hops up on yours, you get up and say "NO!" in a stern voice. Then lead him back to his bed and repeat. All training takes time so have patience and praise or treat him when he stays on his bed. It's also a good idea put out toys or bones on his bed to keep him occupied.

    Barking beagle.:

    Try buying things that would keep your dog occupied for long periods of time (such as a dog house or another calm yet playful dog.) Or you could also try Doing something very active with him before you leave so he will want to sleep instead of bark.

    If you have any problems, please contact me at dev37200542@yahoo.com

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    I too have a puggle puppy -- and he's the same age! Puggles are VERY bad at recall training. I would never leave him off of a leash. EVER. Beagles are especially hard to train not to track scents and run away, and since he's half beagle he is also going to be hard to train. Just get used to the fact that you'll have to have him leashed.

    Can't help you with regard to the bed... our puggle sleeps in bed with us (under the blankets, he loves to snuggle).

    Our puggle is a good boy in all other aspects because we took him to dog training classes with a good trainer -- it took about 3 months of training before he learned all the important lessons. If you are patient and give him the time he will turn into the best behaved dog ever (as long as you keep him on a leash). Giving up on your dog without seeking professional help is cruel. Dog training at places like petsmart is reasonable and as long as you practice it will work. I promise!

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    alright, the most important thing to remember when training a dog; any dog is patience, patience, and finally more patience!!!

    what i would suggest you do as far as his running off when he is off the leash is very simple and does in fact work, (it did with my little jack russell terrier and if it can work for her, a hyper dog, it can work for yours.) for the next week or two, instead of just letting him out in the back yard, assuming you've a fenced in yard; dont just let him loose, keep him on a retractable leash. this gives him not only some freedom's he wishes, but keeps him close by you. soon, he will learn from repeated behavior not to go far from you. also while he's on the leash, this is a good time to teach him to come when he's called because you've more control over the situation. again, be patient, yet use a firm low voice when commanding the dog. dont yell, he'll think he's done something wrong when he's not. a firm low voice will catch and hold his attention longer than anything else.

    as far as training him not to get on your bed, also use the firm tone of voice and tell him no. dont smack him or hit him. lead him to his bed and sit down by him stroking him and letting him know he's a good boy for staying put in his own bed. give him some of his own toy's to chew on and perhaps a shirt that has your scent.

    when you go to leave, try distracting him with a special can of dog food he likes, or a treat he really likes. this way when you leave, he can assoiate it with something really good.

    good luck and hope i helped.

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    I rescued a beagle years ago from an abusive home and this dog had the best temperament in the world. I have never seen a beagle with a bad temperament and if you are getting this dog from a testing facility he will LOVE all of the extra attention that he has been missing out on. Also, you can ask if the dog has had its shots when you pick it up and if not ...when you take it to get its shots, tell them that it is a rescue and most vets will give you a little break on the price for the good deed!

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    I would enroll him in obedience right away - he is at a good age for training. Once he learns basic commands, such as sit, stay and come - he will do much better. If you cannot afford obedience class, purchase the book called How to Have the Perfect Pet by Victoria Stillwell (amazon.com). It is a GREAT training book. In the meantime, make sure you are walking your high energy dog at least 20-30 minutes every day.

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