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Is religion bad for society, or is an unhealthy society more conducive to religion?

A relatively recently assembly of data regarding social well-being of several nations vs their level of religiosity (or at least belief in a personal creator-god) strongly suggests that less healthy countries tend to be more religious. This study ignores the endlessly violent middle East (in fact, it only uses 1st world countries) and still hits that conclusion.

Is religion cause or effect?

For those who want the doc:

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    Many older people would say that unhealthy society is bad for religion but to me I think that religion is bad for society. All the different religions causes feuds between people.

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    Religion does three things effectively

    controls people

    divides people

    deludes people

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    i would say that it is both cause and effect, firstly people start to feel less well off, insecure or downright scared, then they turn to religion, as different people/slash groups turn to different religions they begin to fight amongst themselves over who is right (its no one but there you go), this then leads to more problems and the hold thing starts over again

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    I wouldn't say its the only reason, because there are many, however it gives one more thing for people to argue about.

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    I wouldn't say that there is a total correlation, but that is very interesting.

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    yes to both

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    Never thought of it that way.

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