Mini Olympic Games at school!?

I want to plan a mini olympic games for our city! it would be like a summer olympics thing to raise money to go to help the soup kitchens and other places in our community. I dont know how to get started though. There would be swimming, track, tennis, and volleyball. the competitors would be from the high school teams. we have four different high schools, so there should be people interested. how should i get this started? any ideas? or do you think people would even be interested?

i have a venue in mind. it would be at a high school

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First af all you would have to ask the principle at the high school if that's where you want the Mini Olympics to take place. Then make flyers and hand them out. Also ask the principle at all the schools to post it on the school website if they have one. Let everyone know about it and how you intend it to benefit the less fortunate. Of course people will be interested. As long as they have a heart. Good luck and I hope that it turns out better than anyone ever imagined!

    Source(s): I also help out and just my thoughts.
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