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What does "La Chicka" mean?

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    i dunno but im guessing its "the chick" as in referring to a girl..

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    La Chica-The Girl

    El Chico-The Boy

    La Mujer-The woman

    El Hombre-The Man

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    You mean Ashley 'La Chica Bomba'!?! iiiiiieeeeee hahaaaa!


    But thats an inside joke, are you on the inside?

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    La chica would be "the girl"

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  • Jman
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    1 decade ago

    La Chica? - "The Girl"

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  • Anonymous
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    Do you mean "La Chica?" If so, it means "The girl".

    Hope this helps!!!

    Katy :)

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    it means "the girl" in spanish

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