Can someone help me on my pokemon platinum game?

P.S. when i go to the elite 4. the team that i plan to have will be something like this..

lv49 garchomp

lv48 lucario

lv49 milotic

lv48 togekiss

lv47 giratina

lv50 torterra


Well im heading forward to canalave city now to get the the mine badge from byron (6th gym leader) thing is, my pokemon SUCK. i only have..

Torterra lv40

Joltean lv27

Togepi lv28

bidoof lv6 (lol)

is there any place where i can train my pkmn? i have owned several pkmn games and all of them have turned out to be like this with the starter as my main pkmn and the highest leveled one in my team. ive seen people on youtube fighting gym leaders with a team and they are all around the same level. i dont get how people train them to be that way because i have also tried doing that on the first gym badge and all my pokemon were lv10 when i got the badge from roark.

can someone PLEASE tell me how you guys make sure your is at the normal level when it should be AND how to train them when they underleveled so that they will be the level they should be at a certain point of the game. thanks so much i will rate 5 stars for best answer.

Update 2:

thank you both for your advice. but scott answered all my questions. right now i just leveled my jolteon to lv29. which is kind of good. and about the elite 4, i have seen people on youtube battling the league with pkmn that are in their late lv40's. but thanks anyways :)

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    just rotate your pokemon more often and use the exp. share and rotate that between all of your pokemon except for your Torterra cuz that is already at a good level.


    you are probably going to need higher level pokemon to win against the pokemon league. Their levels get a lot higher than 50.

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    Usually if you just fight all the trainers along the way, your pokemon will be at a good level for your point in the game. Its important that you rotate the pokemon that in your first slot to keep them all at a similar level. It's most effective to use a pokemon that has attacks that would be super effective against your foe.

    Another option you could use is the experience share item. It's a held item that gives half of the battle experience to the pokemon that holds it, allowing you to level it up without actually fighting with it.

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