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Are you content with a simple job?

Are you content w/ your mindless job and just happy hanging w/ your friends and partner?

do you regret that you didn't do a more meaningful career instead of having a mindless job and just having fun with your friends and partner?


or do yo uuse that to seek happiness? honestly?

i hear soo many people who jobs they hate so it seems true

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    what ever job i do i am happy with.remember it is not the amount of money you work but the amount you save.did you know that there are some people making up to a million dollars per year and they only saved half,look how much they wasted but you can work twenty dollars and you saved fifteen not because your pay is less and you are not making a million dollars per can still saved and satisfied with the job that you do and if you are not comfortable with the job that you do try another makes no sense you are doing a job that you do not like.

  • No, anyone can take your job when its simple.

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