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Guy cries during sex.....?

Ok so my guy cries during sex. Well not during the entire event but just when he comes. It makes me very uncomfortable but i don't know how to ask him why he does it. I don't want him to be embarrased about it but at the same time i want to know if im doing something to cause it. or if there is an underlying emotional issue he has with sex i think i need to know that too. The closest i've gotten to asking him about it is just asking if he's ok after he's stopped crying, and all he say is "im ok"


trishee.... even though ur answer was really mean and i do really care about what the issue is with my man, i have to admit, i was laughing my a** off when i read that...

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    I can't believe how many people are capable of being such jerks. Tears are a common reaction to strong emotions -- sadness, happiness, laughter. If he was feeiling strong negative emotions, it would probably disrupt his ability to maintain an erection and to ejaculate.

    If you're close enough to be having sex and you really care for him, simply ask kindly "Are those happy tears or sad tears?"

    It's not uncommon at all for people to cry after an orgasm. It's a very intense experience. I'm a little concerned that you're so uncomfortable with his tears. Crying is just an expression of emotions like laughing or frowning. It's not like he's walking around sobbing. He's shedding tears in a private place with someone he obviously trusts and cares for. It's a natural part of an intimate relationship.

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    Men Crying During Sex

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    How long has he been doing it? Like has it been since the first time yall started doing it or he just started with the tears recently?

    - guilt about something and after being satisfied by you he could be feeling super guilty.

    - bad past experience?

    - pain when he ejaculates?

    - super emotional person?

    - may want to break up but loves the sex?

    My man is a man but he has cried before like once (together 7 years now) and he will cry when he is SUPER stressed or if he did something he thinks i will leave him for (3 years ago he started smoking but i was fine with it, we will deal with that together)

    You should totally talk to him about it asap. it may be awkward but if you are uncomfortable and you dont bring it up soon you may never bring it up. and you don't want 2 have 2 avoid sex over time cause you don't wanna see him cry. And if it is pain below then you need to take him to a doctor and get a check up soon.

    I get crying if yall are so in love and yall just started doing the deed but that should end i have no clue what is up so talk to him!

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    Congratulations on having come out and told the world that you are gay. If this guy truly does love you then leave room for him in your life. If he is using you for sex, I think that would be the time to back off and away. Keep your strength and most important you message under your left arm. Now look for the symbol or sign that tells you he is ok and so are you.. Gay men have a great deal of loyalty to to one another. Good luck

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    Hmmm this is a new one but here goes..

    1. You are the most amazing woman he has every slept with and it makes him cry tears of joy and sobs of relief that he has found someone so incredible or...

    2. He has some serious sexual issues that need to be resolved, some conflict of guilt along with past eexperiences..

    Best of luck but I have always found that communication is the key to any talk to your Man tell him you care and want to know.

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    He could be guilty of something. When I have done something horrible to my ex-wife and we make up, I still feel guilty and when we do it I got a little emotional. It's very weird to me but only happened once.

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    I feel bad for you. That would defiantly

    make me uncomfortable. Maybe he just

    can't help it. Ask him again, when you

    both are not having intercourse. He

    might give you an honest answer.

    Hope it works out for you!

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    I didnt read it but if your a guy and gay then your ultimately a faggett *** ***** Stupid queer. Gay people don't deserve rights.

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    yeah, that's not right. if he's having some type of emotional issue, he needs to deal with it. It would be weird to cry for joy, but it does happen.

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    Probably crying from sheer ecstasy. Hell and that means you're a good **** so feel better about yourself.

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