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Portfolio Recovery, is this for real? what can i do?

for about 1 week now me husband or i have received numerous phone calls from a debt collector called Portfolio Recovery Associates. i searched it and it does seem to be legit. but from day one she began speaking about a letter that was sent out long before she ever started calling, we never received a letter. she claims she sent out another about 10 days ago and we still haven't received it. we get all of our other mail why aren't we getting this letter? also, she asked if she could fax it to me, i told her yes. i gave her my WORK fax number. and that was about an hour ago. i still haven't received a fax. she is also VERY adimit about me setting up an automatic with draw from my checking monthly, im not comfortable doing that and as soon as i mentioned that she said well it will be another 5 dollar charge if you use a credit or debit card to pay the payment. she claims she is trying to make it easier but the further we go along with this the more difficult it gets. what should i do? can i call the past credit card company and ask whom the account is now with?

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    This sounds very suspicious. I would not give out any bank information until you have researched this carefully. Tell them you will not talk with them until you see something in writing and hang up.

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    Portfolio restoration is for genuine. they are debt shoppers and creditors. they are going to flow to American convey, hit upon or whoever and purchase the debt for pennies on the greenback. the place I often see them is in financial disaster 13 financial disaster situations. they are going to purchase the debt from whom ever initially had it at a coupon. They wait out the plan payments and that they are going to in maximum situations gets a commission some thing from the financial disaster 13 trustee. I trust the above solutions. you need to dispute the debt with them and lead them to grant information as to the variety you incurred it and how they got here to be in possession of it. in the event that they are the vendors bear in innovations they offered this for little or no while in comparison with what they declare you owe. do not pay them something without a written settlement settlement. do not supply them get admission to on your checking account. Tim prepare dinner

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    Sure call the original debt holder.

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