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What should i do about my ex girlfriend?

Here is the situation im in. My ex girl friend and i had been dating for about 4 1/2 years. We both went to the same college and started dating the start of her junior year and my senior year. We lived together, after college. We were both very unhappy with our jobs. The stress of the unhappiness took a toll on the relationship.

We broke up, and we both felt it was the best thing to do at that time. I needed to change myself and so did she. So fast forward Its been like 8 months. She has tried to get back with me 3 times and i have tried to get back with her. Our personality's match perfectly, she said even though she wasent happy when we were living together she still liked living with me. We are physically attracted to each other, and are like best friends.

The problem with her is that she is like 2 different people now. One that still loves me, and the other one that feels like we will be unhappy again.

So its been 8 months, and i have been going out with my friends and having fun. I still have not hooked up with any girls even though i have had plenty of chances. Im not bad to look at, and im in good shape. I just feel that if i do hook up with someone i will lose that spark between us. Im a weird guy like that. She is a very cute girl and she also hasent been with anyone, or even been on a date. So we keep playing this game of if we feel like the other one is drifting away then one of us pulls each other back.

I basically told her to go out have fun with your friends, but if you do end up hooking up with someone then i probably wont feel the same way about her. I will move on, and find another nice girl.

Im just very confused on what to do, so any info will help me out.

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    oh wow i think you should just let things heal it self. love takes time. give it a week and see what happens hmm otherwise juts move on unless your both really to settle down and get married good luck mine plz;_ylt=Aivx1...

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    sounds like you should be together, make it happen

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