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Black stool after a normal stool, please help!?

I have gotten a black stool last night after I had a normal stool. I ate different stuff that day.

1. Cake, without icing

2. Rice with chicken and fish(Curry)

3. Cherry

2. 50 cent Zeebra cakes

5. Coffee

6. Ate rice with a LOT of salad

7. (had first bowl movement(Normal)

(Had second a few minutes later, dark)

8. Took pepsio Bemptsio (something spelled like this)

... Bowl movements

Please help, this morning i had a black stool as well, they pain I had before almost went away, i do have to push the poop out though. This is how my poop kinda looks like... I know that picture isn't a stool, but thats the color....

Please help!

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    Anyone with health concerns asking for help, here, is asking for trouble.

    See a doctor.

    Doctors are ok with people who have health fears, its normal and common, even if they turn out to be unfounded, unless you show up every single day with something new.

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    call your well-being practitioner day after today, or call your community pharmacy and ask the pharmacist. have you ever began taking Iron pills those days? Iron pills could reason black stools, yet this could not be skipped over simply by fact it could additionally be a demonstration of inner bleeding, so which you do ought to chat on your well-being practitioner day after today. good success!

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