What matters more fsb or cpu speed.?

for a laptop. i know that a 2.0ghz cpu runns at 2000mhz and the system has a front side bus of say 800mhz. assuming all other components are identical how much would a 2.0ghz 1066mhz cpu be more powerful over 2.13ghz 800mhz. if both systems have ddr2 ram (667 mhz) would that mean that the system fsb will be only 667 mhz.

if some one can explain the benefits of either one in greater detail it would be v help full.

also would i be right in saying that a 2.0ghz 1066 core 2 duo p7450 cpu would be bettter for multi tasking (5-6 internet tabs open at the same time and a few simple apps like word and powerpoint.). also with 667 ram 4gb is it good enough for that kind of multi tasking or would the cpu be sitting there twiddling its thumbs while the poor ram has to cope with lots of work.

thank you

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Depends on the CPU, but usually the CPU clock speed is much more important. That being said, FSB does have a powerful impact on system performance.

    You wouldn't notice much of a difference in performance between the two FSB speeds, but they would have a measurable difference. You'll find ram with a low refresh rate is often better than a faster FSB.

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