Legal Advice..Worked for NCLB as a tutor and that company will not pay for my 2 months of work!?

So I had a strict contract with this company. Basically I tutored kids and wrote down hours that I tutored all kids and other paper work to keep track of tutoring hours. The contract demanded that all tutors finish 35 hours in 3 months. So when it came down to the end of year to meet the May 30th, 09 deadline, some of my students were not going to finish all 35 hours by May 30th. But I spoke with the person who was administering students to me that what if I dont finish all the hours..and she explained there would be a reason explained, and so mine is that some students had extracuricular activities and did not want to meet on weekends to finish. SO FOR 2 MONTHS I HAVE NOT BEEN PAID, AND THEY ARE KEEPING MY CHECKS WHICH AMOUNT TO ABOUT $2,500. PLUS THEY SAY IM NO LONGER GOING TO BE WORKING WITH THEM. BY LAW THEIR SUPPOSED TO PAY ME I HEARD. EVEN IF ITS A CONTRACT..

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    Take it to small claims court. Do you still have your contract? You may not get all of your money but you will get some. Even threatening them with it as well as threatening to go to the BBB might make them cough up the funds. See if Judge Judy is free any time soon.

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