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Can you help me with information about raising tadpoles?

I read where feeding them a lightly boiled, frozen, lettuce works. But would something like Tetra Fin Goldfish Flakes all crunched up work too? Thanks!

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    It worked for the ones I kept. They all turned into froglets about a month ago.

    You probably already know this but be careful not to give them water straight from the tap as the chlorine could kill them. Ideally if they need more water you should give them rainwater, but if you don't have any of this then leave some tap-water in an open container for about 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate off.

    A good rule of thumb is to never put more new water in their environment than they already have. i.e. if they are swimming around in 1l of water now then don't put more than 1l of new water in with them in a day or the shock might kill them.

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