Girls, i need your wisdom here...?

Would you say/do this about someone you just looked at as a friend?:

I've known this girl for like 4 months now. We became fast friends and we'll flirt a bit. So many guys like this girl but I don't think she's dated manyof them (she's a devout Christian and the most old fashioned girl I've ever met and SO hard to get out of her house). ANYWAYS. She was eating with a friend of ours. He asked her how her and I met. According to him, she started to giggle/laugh and said the reason she started to talk to me was cause she thought I was a 'cute boy' and then she realized I had a great personality. My friend was like "wow..___!(her name) and she giggled/laughed some more and told him not to tell me this. What do you think? If she doesn't know I like her, she's blind. Would you still say that if you KNEW the boy liked you?? Could that JUST be platonic?


She's 19. And has invited me to her church. I go all the time and an example (among many others) of her flirting with me was she joked with me and the pastor once that it was a "sign from God" when she saw me sitting in her seat the very first time I went.

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    If she knew that you liked her; and she liked you, she would make a move. Thats just how girls work, if we know that you like us we'll flirt with you; and eventually maybe even ask you out. And by the sounds of it, she likes you, so just be EXTRA flirty and let her know that you like her. I'm sure you guys will develop a nice romantic relationship. Good luck(:

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    That sounds great, but... if you both aren't from the same religious background, there is a very low chance it will work out.

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    if i liked a boy and i was absolutly sure he liked me back i would tell him how i felt and go on from there.

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    i would ask her out, sounds like she likes you alot and trusts you.

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