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Co-worker trying to find out if I'm applying for another position.?

I got an email from a team member being nosy about if I'm applying for an open position. How can I respond to him tactfully without implying either way that I'm going for it or not. He's actually not qualified for the position so he's not trying to get ahead or anything...just needs to mind his own business. Should I just ignore the email?

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    Maybe reply back, because it may be a little awkward if you ignore him. I would merely say, it seems like an interesting position, but that you appreciate your current one. That's neither a no or yes...:). Tell him that you will catch up with him later. (In person, switch the focus to why he's not applying...)

    **One thing about an email...you never know where it will end up**

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    Personally I would ignore it. How would you feel most comfortable handling the situation? Since us Y!A users aren't the ones who are going to have deal with him on a day to day basis.

    I'd say you can ignore the e-mail or reply back stating that you think it's a more private and personal matter, and don't wish to discuss it with him. do the hey, how are you. i understand your interest BUT...and so forth. GL!

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    email back that your private matters are just that - PRIVATE.

    i would explain to him how tactless and nosy he is.

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