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What Tracks Would You Take Off I Am To Make It A Classic?

I Would Take Off The Following:

You Won't See Me Tonight Feat. Aaliyah


Money Is My B*tch

Also What Track From The Lost Tapes(Originally Suppose To Be The Second Half Of I Am)Would You Put On I Am To Make It One Full Album.

I Would Put The Following On I Am:


Blaze A 50

No Idea's Original

I Would Also Take Project Windows Off Of Nastradamus And Put It On I Am.


Finally A Real Answer.

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    Doo Rags and No Ideas Original were actually made during the Stillmatic sessions, so they can't go on it.

    My version of I Am would look like

    1. Belly Button Window (Fetus)

    2. Nas is Like

    3. Day Dreamin, Stay Schemin

    4. Ghetto Prisoners

    5. We Will Survive

    6. NY State of Mind pt. II

    7. Hate Me Now

    8. Hardest Thing To Do Is Stay Alive

    9. Undying Love

    10. Afterlife (interlude)

    11. Amongst Kings

    To those who don't know, the song "Amongst Kings" was one of the unreleased songs from the original I Am that was supposed to be the bridge between the two discs (I Am and Nastradamus). It takes place after Undying Love when Nas is going to heaven after committing suicide:

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    N.Y. State Of Mind Pt. II

    Favor For A Favor

    We Will Survive

    Ghetto Prisoners

    You Won't See Me Tonight

    I Want to Talk To You

    Nas Is Like

    Some Of Us Have Angels

    Project Window

    God Love Us

    Doo Rags

    My Way

    No Idea's Original

    Blaze A 50

    Drunk By Myself

    Black Zombie

    Poppa Was A Playa


    i think this would be the perfect album for nas in his early career post it was written, pre god's son/stillmatic

    fetus is a PERFECT end to this hypothetical album cuz it would be like his career's rebirth when he dropped stillmatic. for as much material as nas has released he's only had a few VERY good albums. Illmatic, God's Son, Stillmatic, Lost tapes, and hip hop is dead imo.

    everybody loves it was written but it's just such a HUGE transformation from illmatic that i've never been able to get into it. it's straight street rhymes to braggadocio mob talk. That's just going with the trends and hoping for commercial success which in my opinion was the wrong choice after such an acclaimed first album. if he had never dropped it was written, i am, and nastradamus, he would have a perfect career and we could always look past N.I.G.G.E.R. as a chance to air out some pent up aggression. This is all opinion but i hope there's somebody out there who agrees with me.

    Also, if he had taken some of his better guest rhymes and made songs out of them, that would've netted him another illmatic i believe. unfortunately you can't change the past, but if it was possible to go back in time and alter some of his decisions, he could honestly be better than 2pac (in people's eyes that see 2pac as god)

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    you wont see me tonight, money is my *****, shoot em up.

    also, purple is an instant classic the moment u hear it. im not sure y it didn make it 2 an actual album

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