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how do i delete my yahoo account?

i made this a long time ago, and i have a different e-mail that i use instead. how do i delete this e-mail account?

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    If you have more than one yahoo account sign out of the account you do not want to delete then open the one you do want to delete.

    To delete your yahoo account go to:


    Stay out of your account for 4 months and yahoo will delete due to inactivity.

    This will delete your whole account. It is a package deal with all of your other yahoo accounts (360, IM, Y!A, email, etc... ). All of your questions and answers that have gone into voting and that have been resolved will always be on here they are the property of yahoo. Hope this helps!!!

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    You can delete your account by going to this site:

    However, keep in mind that it will delete your email account as well as your Yahoo Answers Account. It truly deletes your "yahoo account." Plus, once you start the process, it can't be stopped. You can't later change your mind and get everything back. It's FOREVER.

    Also, if you’re doing it to erase your questions or answers, please note that it does NOT do that. The questions and answers belong to Yahoo and they keep them on the site to entertain or inform others.

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