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Neopet Cheats Please?

ok i need help with getting money on neopets. is there any good cheats or anything out there? please help! thank you :)

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    Theres no cheat codes for neopets but there are some easy ways to make money. playing the featured games and having a shop and selling the stuff you don't want. this site has all of the daily stuff that you can do to make money. something are items but if its somthing you dont want you can sell it in your shop.

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    -In the whacking sport (sorry, forgot the title), variety in 'a5paragu5' for a larger mallet. -In Jelly Blobs of Doom, variety 'merissa' earlier than urgent the spacebar to begin. This will supply you smaller jellies for an extended time. Or variety 'fishnegg' and a fishnegg will seem. Click on it rapid and 50 facets will probably be further in your ranking. Make definite you variety those in safely. -In petpet sitter, typing 'oscillabot' will supply you a different lifestyles at any time for the duration of the sport.

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    There are some ILLEGAL programs for neopets if you search around. is good. i go there for tips and stuff.

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