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Could someone give me a good beginning jogging workout to lose fat?

I am sick and tired of all these sprinting/HIIT sites claiming HIIT is better for fat loss etc when that is NOT true. (little do they know pro sprinters do longer slower runs most of the time called "extensive tempo",) Any doctor iwll tell you slower longer exercise is better for fat loss , your heart rate and blood pressure.

Could someone give me a workout plan for a beginner to lose a bit of fat. Jogging for example How long how often?


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    You want to jog for however far is comfortable for you. You shouldn't be getting too fatigued, because you want to maintain a routine. Three or four times a week is good, more or less depending on your current level of fitness. Good luck.

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    haha i know how you feel the biggest problem for me is motivation i can get pumped about it for the first few days the i lose it. a good way to stay motivated is to go with friends run in a group even. anyway interval training is the best: jog for a set distance doesn't matter what since your a beginner run about 2-3 football fields long then sprint as hard as you can for about 10sec then take a 1 min break if you want to do ab workouts and pushups during your break its good too but you a beginner the point is to keep your heart pumping the whole time and run for as long as you want then when your done record it in a journal so you know how long you run where and then after about a week of running the same distance run a little longer about an extra quarter of what you ran before

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    I've tried leg wrestling before, similar to arm wrestling. What you do is find a competitor, and each of you sit down on the floor facing each other, some distance between each of you. Then, each of you raise one leg (both right, or both left) and place your calves together. When each of you are ready, push really hard against the other person's leg, trying to push it to the ground like arm wrestling. The person who's leg hits the ground loses. Whenever I do this, my inner thighs light on fire from the workout, and also my abs hurt from laughing, it's pretty funny to watch and do. A lot of your body will get a workout, because not only are you trying to topple the opponent, but you have to stay stable. Give it a shot, but be safe.

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    As long as you sweat/feel the burn, basically. I would recommend jogging around the local park, or places where you normally see people jog around your area. Keep a steady jog for a fairly good amount of distance. (1-3 miles)

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