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How to haver a confident presence..?

And be respected and authoritive?

How should i look, stand, talk ect...


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    1. present yourself in a sophisticated manner

    1. APPEARANCE: make an effort in your appearance (you dont have to be skinny and beautiful to do this either) wear nice clothes, do up your hair, have a clean face. just keep yourself kempt and clean.

    2. POSITION: stand with poise and grace. dont slouch. shoulders tall.

    3. LOOK: smile with your eyes and never look down on people

    4. ATTITUDE: think in your head "got on a cute shirt" "having a good hair day" think things that will keep your energy high!

    5. PERSONALITY: be yourself. sometimes this may be hard but people will like you for it. and people that dont like you for you arent your friend so dont try to get with them

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    You need to be confident to act confident.

    First off, you need to start putting more confident and positive thoughts into your head.

    2.Walk and stand with your shoulders held high, don't slump over.

    3.Wear your clothes and hair a little different from the rest.

    4. Be confident enough to talk to new people.

    Hope I helped.

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    Being authentic would be good. It requires removing emotional charge off all your past-life impressions of being invalidated, such as the hundreds of times you were murdered or any number of the millions of lives you've had

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