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How should I get started playing the Ukulele?

I live in a town where there wouldn't be any kind of ukulele lessons, in fact nobody even sells them, even the big music store. I am really interested in learning how to play, because I love the sound of it. Is there any kind of books or even a website that could get me started with some basic peices of information? Thank you!

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    buy one online and use those sites!

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    you can get one at, I have an oscar schmidt OU2 that i got at and its great. i take guitar lessons and i didnt want to take uke lessons, so what i did was i learned online. can be a big help and Jumpin-Jim's books are good.

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    1 decade ago sells ukes and has a very large selection of them. They have 24 different instructional videos:

    ...and 179 instructional books:

    They're great people to do business with. Good luck.

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