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what do you think of these names?

So I'm trying to think of some uncommon but still nice names.

It's not for me its for a friend but it would be nice to think ahead for when i do have children because i don't want them common.

i like a lot of names but they seem to becoming common like Isabella, Ryan, Alyssa and Kai. I love them.


Shanna Paige

Leighton Brooke

Evie Morgan

Freya Avery

Peyton Elizabeth

Tatum Raine

Mia Raye


Micah Ryan

Levi Harvey

Mason Felix

Finlay Ellis

Alfie Wyatt

Brier Odan

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    Shanna Paige -- Shanna doesn't really strike me as attractive. I'm not sure why, it just seems a bit "middle-aged" to me. Paige is a nice middle name, but Shanna isn't really my style. I like Hana (hawn-uh) though. 6 / 10. Hana would get 9 / 10

    Leighton Brooke -- Love this one. Leighton is gorgeous, and Brooke makes it seem so calm and laid back. I would also love Leighton Paige. 9 / 10

    Evie Morgan -- Evie is cute, but definitely too nickname-y for a full name IMO. Maybe Eve, Eva, Evelyn, Everly, Evangeline (my favorite)... Morgan is a refreshingly uncommon middle name. I like it. 7 / 10. Evangeline would get 9 / 10.

    Freya Avery -- A bit of a tongue twister, but I still love it. Freya is stunning. Ages really well, is attractive and uncommon... I really like it. 9 / 10.

    Peyton Elizabeth -- I'm not a fan. Peyton is rather trendy, not uncommon, and just isn't a pleasing name to me. It's not even that great for a boy, but I find it even worse for a girl. Elizabeth is rather filler as well. Not my favorite combo. 5 / 10.

    Tatum Raine -- I adore Tatum, but Raine is tortuously trendy. I strongly dislike Raine. Maybe Paige would work better with this one. I do like Tatum with a long a sounding middle name, but anything but Raine (or Jade, it's just as bad). 7 / 10, but Tatum with a different middle name would get 10 / 10. I love Tatum

    Mia Raye -- Very cute. I really like Mia. Raye is rather filler (it doesn't matter how you spell it), but I actually really love it with Mia. Great combo, definitely. 9 / 10


    Micah Ryan -- Micah had never been my personal favorite. I know two girls named Micah, and the only boy I know with this name is seriously a gay guy that my brother goes to college with. No rudeness intended, that's just how he is. So, because it reminds me of "mancrush Micah" (as we call him), I can't give all that fair of an opinion to the name. 5 / 10.

    Levi Harvey -- I think the V's are pretty overkill. Levi Harvey? Eh, I don't like the flow. Maybe Levi Adam or Levi Grant. Levi isn't my style, simply because everyone calls jeans "levi's" where I love. So I automatically think of blue jeans and western flair, and I can't say those are qualities I like in names. 6 / 10

    Mason Felix -- Love this one. I think Mason Shane would be brilliant, as Mason is another one that I love when accompanied with a long A middle name. I do really like Mason Felix though. Mason isn't all that uncommon, but an attractive name all the same. 9 / 10.

    Finlay Ellis -- I don't like Ellis with Finlay. Sadly, I think Finlay deserves and needs a more masculine middle name. Finlay Marshall? Finlay Alistair (al-ih-ster)? I really like Finlay, though. 8 / 10.

    Alfie Wyatt -- This one had the exact same problem as Evie. I can't say a can imagine an Alfie in college, it's a bit too adorable. Alfred is usable. 6 / 10. Would get 8 / 10 if it was short for something.

    Brier Odan -- Brier looks like Briar, and sounds rather feminine to me (like Briar Rose, the name of Sleeping Beauty). So, I'm not a fan of this one at all. I like Byron (or Myron) though. Odan kind of reminds me of odor... 4 / 10. Byron / Myron would get 8 / 10.

    Good luck! I really like the majority of these choices, and I think it's great that you want to help your friend out with names.

    -- Amy

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    I'll rate them.


    Shanna Paige - 8/10

    Leighton Brooke - 9/10

    Evie Morgan - 7/10

    Freya Avery - 7/10

    Peyton Elizabeth - 8/10

    Tatum Raine - 8/10

    Mia Raye - 10/10


    Micah Ryan - 9/10

    Levi Harvey - 10/10

    Mason Felix - 8/10

    Finlay Ellis - 9/10

    Alfie Wyatt - 7/10

    Brier Odan - 7/10

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    Shanna Paige is beautiful

    Leighton Brooke is awful - Leighton is a boys name

    Evie Morgan is ok but common

    Freya Avery is pretty

    Peyton Elizabeth is horrible

    Tatum Raine is ridiculous

    Mia Raye is ok.

    Micah Ryan is ok

    Levi Harvey is ace

    Mason Felix is good

    Finlay Ellis os cool

    Alfie Wyatt is ok

    Brier Odan is awful

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    Definately Mia Raye for a girl - I think it is cute and the name will grow up with her. I like the spelling of Raye because in my opinion Rae or Ray as middle names are pretty common. Mia is not too overused but common enough so people will be able to spell it.

    As for boys names I would go with Micah Ryan. Micah is quite traditional but modern at the same time. It could possibly be shortened to Mike. Ryan is common but very sweet and the cool kid in class is always a Ryan!

    Hope I helped

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    Evie Morgan or Mia Raye

    Micah Ryan

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    Peyton Elizabeth


    Levi Harvey

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    I love Leighton Brooke and Mia Raye!

    The only boy name I like is Levi Harvey, and I only like the first name.

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    Don' t really like the boys names but love Evie Morgan

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    Are you married? If not, Id wait until you get married as the name you pick should flow w/ the last name, plus your names will probably change, but its nice to start thinking of names you do like. Id give it time though. I like Peyton Elizabeth, the others Im personally not fond of together, sorry.

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