What happened to Regis in "Regis and Kelly"?

I noticed that there is another co-host with Kelly. What happened to Regis?

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    1 decade ago
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    He's just probably on vacation.

    They're also going to be doing this "Local to Live Co-host" contest.

    That guy this morning was one of the finalists in the contest.

    And each day this week there will be a new one. A guy for Kelly, a girl for Regis.

    And then the winners will host a full week with Regis and Kelly.

    So basically Kelly and Regis each get 2 weeks off. :)

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    I read somewhere awhile ago that he is only going to work on "Regis and Kelly" a few times a week...I guess it's gonna be a gradual retirement.

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    Regis is working at the Millionaire gameshow all week. There'll be subs for him. I kind of like this guy from Miami.

    Anyway, The millionaire show is back in primetime for a week or two (starting Sunday night) in celebration of it's 10 years on tv.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He will be back

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