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Can anyone give an estimate of the kilowatt hours for conventional vs. tankless water heaters?

i would like to buy a tankless water heater; and wondering what are the potential savings.

what is the "ball park" estimate of the general range of kilowatt hours per the two appliances.

i'm working with the 4,500 estimate for our state/location for the regular tank water heater. i can only find BTU info on the tankless.

i know there are hundreds of variables involved, the size, temp, make/model and age, location, insulated vs non insulated.

what i'm looking for as a quick answer is:

conventional (4,500 Kilowatt hours for conventional) vs the tankless.

i understand that the hot water supply may be less for the tankless, but leaving that variable out, what would you say as a estimate of the two.

i would like an estimate that either says "it costs 50% less" or average kilowatt estimate, like 3,000 kilowatts vs 4500 kilowatts.

i don't need the formula at all, no explanations of the math, or the variables.

thanks so much!

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    The reason you are having difficulty finding a kilowatt usage comparison between tank and tankless water heaters is because electric tankless heaters are not the way to go. I am a plumber and I do not recommend tankless water heaters to my electric only client because the short term cost of the electrical upgrade takes too long to recoup. If your home is all electric I would recommend going with a conventional tank water heater.

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    I would look 24 hours into the future

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    x= y-6=t5-5

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