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do you think I could Kayak the deschutes river in a playboat?

I have a dagger agent 6.0 kayak. I am a beginner but i have my roll down pretty good. and i can paddle good too. Do you think i could kayaking the main day stretch in my kayak without having too much trouble? what should I look out for?

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    There are stretches on the Deschutes ranging from Class I to V, and I'm not sure which you're referring to. But really you should be asking the people you're going with what they think.

    Ask them what they're paddling on that stretch. That should be your first clue.

    Do the people you're going with know your skill level? If so, they should be able to give you advice. Do you know their skill level? Even if your roll is 'pretty good', as a beginner, you should be absolutely prepared for the possibility of swimming any rapid on the run. And you should make sure your group has good rescue abilities. Has anyone had a swiftwater rescue class? Everyone has tow lines, throw bags, and practice using them?

    I'd say the main gotchas with using a playboat are going to be holes and must-make moves. So ask if there are any nasty unavoidable holes, since you'll have a harder time punching through them with the Agent than with a bigger boat. And you'll be in a slower boat, which will make must-make ferries a lot harder.

    As for the river itself, ask your group where the harder rapids are. If they're at the end, you'll have had some time to warm up. It's a lot harder if the most difficult rapid is the first one. Can the more difficult rapids be portaged? Is there road access part way through in case you want/need to bail out early?

    Definitely go with people who know the run well. It's a lot easier when someone can tell or show you the best line to take.

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