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Have you ever imagined a new place with new species.?

My place is a never ending forest that has a blue fog that never fades with the sun illuminating it making everything a beautiful blueish hue.The floor is a lake that is of the clearest and most pure water.The canopy is a city that the horses have created and constructed.It looks like the lothlorian city on Lord of the Rings..The creatures are horses with angelic wings (pegasus) that co-exist with fish whose scales are a radiant shade of white and when the horses glow reflects the fishes' scales it is more beautiful than the most gorgous sun-set you have ever seen.

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    Yes, I do...Every time I read a question like this!

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    Alright you are either gay or the biggest nerd in the history of nerds. Which is it?

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    yeah under my bed

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