Girls/doctors only please >.<?

Ok so i got my period like 2 years ago. and i have a really off cycle where i go months without it. its annoying. and last saturday (july 25) i got it after not having it since april. and here it is monday (august 3rd) (the 9th day) and im still bleeding >.<...and its still heavy like the other days. i know that the normal bleeding only lasts from 2-7 days....but here it is day 9 and im still bleeding. >.<. no. i haven't had sex or anything. im just kinda worried.

my mom was talking about taking me to the OBGYN before i got it and she said she'll take me when it goes away but im still concerned >.<. and im afraid i might be losing too much blood >.<

thanks in advance.


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    It's quite normal to have irregular periods for several years after first starting your period. If you want to regulate your period you may want to consider getting started on a birth control pill for that reason. If you are concerned about loosing to much blood, you may want to take an iron supplement to avoid anemia.

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    If your bleeding is so heavy that you fill 4 pads an hour, then you are loosing too much blood. Anything less than that and you shouldn't worry. You just have an irregular cycle; see the OB/GYN and get on birth control to regulate your cycle.

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    My friend has the exact same type of period, it's normal for a lot of people. If it ever changes from that routine (becomes less frequent) you might want to see the doctor, but if that's your schedule then that's your schedule.

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    This used to happen to me all the time when I was a teen. Happens to both my daughters too (14 and 17 yrs old). Don't worry! It's absolutely normal.

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    1 decade ago

    Your period is just irregular.

    when it stops go to the obgyn and

    she/he will probably recommed birth control.

    it regulates your period so you can pin point exactly what day

    and time it will come.

    Good Luck

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