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Feeling numb towards my boyfriend, coming in waves. What is happening?

Is there such a connection between depression and "falling out of love" or at least the feeling. I have depression and anxiety because of some semi traumatic family stuff that happened over Thanksgiving (or at least my psychiatrist concluded) I am seventeen and on Zoloft. I have developed this crazy anxiety over losing my boyfriend, or mainly even losing feeling for him. I get in these waves where most things with him are unsettling and unfamiliar, I dont feel sexual, I am not interested in doing anything besides watching tv and I get really nervous, cant look him in the eye, and cant really have a conversation with him. I also get really nit picky. This makes me feel horrible, it is my worst fear, having this all not be real. But just as I start to believe it all, I just snap out of it and feel all of my love and am not too nit picky, I feel comfortable and close. Its not perfect but it feels like a real relationship, and I feel more grounded and such when I'm in a good place. Can depression do this, or am I simply falling out of love. We have been together for a year and a half, and this started around December, along with all of my other weird depression/anxiety feelings... any help?

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    Just answered this question .

    Depression can cause all your symptoms, yes.

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