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Is medical school a realistic plan?

I previously asked a question regarding medical school and my future plans but I am not sure I am medical school material. I am currently 16 and going to be junior in a public school. I'm sure I am near the top of my class, I take all accelerated classes, and I usually maintain a 3.85-4.0 gpa. By the time I graduate I will have completed 4 AP classes (Chem, Bio, Calc, and Lit) and 4 years of Spanish. I am also involved in many extracurriculars including a sport, clubs, volunteer organizations, etc. I plan to become a dermatologist but I have not really heard anything good about Med school except how competitive and difficult it is. I would not consider myself a competitive student but I could be if necessary. I've also been told many times about the difficulty of getting into a dermatology residency program and that it is nearly impossible. I am just wondering if this is a realistic plan for my future or if I would be wasting my time trying to get into med school and a residency program?

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    Medical school is competitive, and dermatology residency positions are even more so. That doesn't mean that either is impossible, though. With hard work and commitment, it is entirely possible for someone to become a dermatologist.

    Since you are just entering junior year of high school, your future really is an open book at this point. There's no real way to predict your future successes. You don't need to be concerned with medical residency when it's so far off in the future. Right now you should focus on doing your best in high school, and preparing for college. Extracurricular activities involving volunteering and those that demonstrate your interest in healthcare are advisable, but not necessary.

    The best advice I can give you is to take everything one step at a time. Don't worry about getting into medical school until you have already made it to college. Don't worry about residency until you're in medical school. Thinking too far ahead can distract you from the task at hand. You can choose activities which demonstrate your interest in dermatology, but you should also keep yourself open to new experiences. You might find something you like even more than derm!

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    It is definately not a waste of time. If you want to be a doctor by all means go for it. Yes, its true medical school is very competitive when it comes to getting in and yes more then likely the students will probably have that competitive mentality (Not All) but just because your not competitive doesn't mean your wasting your time. If this is something you truly want to do and can see yourself doing it then I say go for it! If you can stay on the track your on now and through college I don't see why you would have any problems. I don't know what your hearing thats so bad about medical school but it probably isn't true yes its going to be hard and as you mentioned it will be competitive but if you want it by all means go for it! Just because something is difficult don't allow that to stop you from what you want to do in life you could look back later in life and regret not doing it . Hope this helped

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    You're 16. First of all, you should work on getting in the best college possible. It sounds like you're on a great track to do whatever you want. The dedication you show by working so hard in high school will prove useful in secondary education. Nobody can tell you that you can't do something... the only person who can limit you is yourself.

    Keep working hard, and you'll get into medical school in due time.

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    All questions will be answered in university (undergraduate school). Just get into a decent school and make sure you take all pre-med courses. It will soon become clear whether you are a reasonable candidate for Medical School. Make sure the major you choose gives you good career possibilities if you don't get selected for Medical School. One usually overlooked good major is Bioprocess Engineering.

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    Just apply yourself and work hard. If you don't get in, dont worry, you can apply the following year. At least you will have a year to earn some money.

    Also, Med schools couldn't care less about how well you did in HS, they will never know. They only care about what you did during college.

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    If you get a chance, check out the University of Washington They are an amazing physics/mathematics/engineering school and one of the top institutions for undergraduate research in the nation. Your grades and test scores put you at the high end for students who apply here, and the admissions team loves to accept (and offer great scholarships to) native americans. My friend from high school is 1/16 native american and he got basically a full ride his entire first year here.

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    It's not a waste of time. The nay sayers are just stupid jerks who are jealous of you. Just get into a good college (which, given your grades and activities you should be able to do easily) and be pre-med. Don't worry so much about being qualified, just do what you want to do and the rest will come to you.

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    Nothing you have said leads me to believe that you should give up on a career in medicine.

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