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What are you supposed to do with old batteries?

At the local trash/recycle place signs say, "No batteries accepted" What do they expect us to do with them ? Eat them ? Bury them ? Do they really expect people to save them and then transport them to one central location in your State ? Nice thought but let's get real.

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    RECYCLE! As stated above, Best Buy has a great program. Up front when you walk into any Best Buy they have a place to recycle batteries, printer cartridges, gift cards, etc. Then inside you can bring the big things. Just the other day I noticed that someone put a satellite dish out for trash. So I picked it up and Best Buy took it. I have a greater appreciation for them.

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    I am assuming they are referrng to lead-acid batteries like the one in your car. I can understand their point, not only is the lead poisonous but the sulfuric acid is nasty stuff to deal with. Fortunately almost any auto parts store and probably even your local garage will accept them for recycling. Might check with the local auto salvage yard, they might even pay a couple dollars each for them.

    Bill R.

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    Source(s): No site researched, just 20 plus years as a counterman in various auto parts shops and dealerships. :)
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    Definitely recycle them. See the source referenced for locations if none of the other already suggested locations work i.e. Radio Shack, Lowe's, Home Depot

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    Well, at my local library, there is a container for used batteries. If you can see a container like that, then put some in there to change the planet! We humans can....we can save the WORLD!

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    Well with old batteries you are to not throw them away. You can recycle them by taking them to a local electronic store. ex. best buy,circut city,radioshack. Those stores should have recycling programs and they are usually free.

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    I don't think my idea would work but, I heard some people say if you leave them in the sun for some time, they recharge and they work.

    If my idea did not work do not take me wrong. Or hide it in a tree or something.

    Hope my suggestion helps:)

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    I saw a recycling container for batteries at my CVS, Walgreens, and library.

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    take them to ur local besy buy, or circut city. etc.

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    just recycle them so they wont end up in the ocean or somethin so they wont kill animals

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