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Will female guppies in a tank of non-guppies ever be pregnant?

besides the two female guppies there are 4 zebra striped fish and another that i dont know what it is but it is really small and orange all over. They are all male besides the guppies and i need to know if ill ever have to deal with babys

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    They are limited to what they can interbreed with. The only other fish I would worry about are endlers livebearers.

    Btw, female guppies can store sperm and have fry multiple times, so if it was pregnant before purchased, you *might* end up with fry.

    Good luck :D

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    unless guppies cross breed with others

    (and I'm pretty sure they don't) and they are not already pregnant, you should not have to worry about babies. You need male guppies.

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