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Is America ready to become conservative again?

Teach morals to our kids, and set limits on each other's role in society. No gay marriage, no abortion, no sex before marriage, and all the other great things that come from being conservative in America.

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    the next generation coming up is for all those things that you are against

    the cause is lost for conservatives

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    I'm afraid those days are gone!

    Who will teach morals to the kids parents! The parents are just as tattooed and pierced as the kids!

    The only limits that were set on society was in the minds of those who believed there were limits! They held themselves back!

    No gay marriage, no abortion, no sex before marriage, Conservatives only want it taken somewhere other than public!!

    All the other great things like your freedom, rights, pride in self and country, God fearing, mom, apple pie and baseball! Those great things?

    Nah, it would never work!

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    yes, I think it would be good to use the Republican party for something since they are not every accomplishing anything. We can put the people who are reading in a special group. Oh, we do have conservatives already. I think they should use TV & have role models in school for their kids. Rove, Cheney & all of the republicans should be on TV so the kids can see people who represent conservatism. Sanford, Jindal the whole party should be invovlved. Palin could continue the great work she does at getting people to not have sex before marriage. Oh, by the way, I don't think I am ready so half of the country is, I think but the other half can't be true to themselves & say they really are conservatives. I do think it is time for the consevative party to work harder at really doing what they say. It seems they are OK when the ones in their party do not live up to their standards. They seem to expect dems/libs to be cons. but I think they should just practice what they preach cause not everyone believes in that.

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    Oh, are you serious?





    As the saying goes, the "moral majority" is neither. The politicians ranting about that stuff are a bunch of hypocrites sleeping with each other's wives and pretending they care about those issues to fool gullible voters like you.


    Teaching morals and religion to children isn't the job of the government. That's your job as a parent. If you're a miserable failure at it, don't come crying to the government to fix it for you. Most REAL conservatives would heartily agree with me that our tax dollars shouldn't be spent doing what parents should be able to do for themselves. If the government starts trying to legislate morality and religion, it will be a one-way ride down the slippery slope to exactly the kind of hellish theocracy our forefathers came here to escape. Google "The Church of England", or better yet look up "hanging, drawing, and quartering" to see how a Christian theocracy dealt with everyone who had slightly differing views. I'm not just talking about non-Christians either; I'm talking about other Christians who chose the "wrong" denomination. What makes you so sure that a Christian government would be such a great thing? The different denominations can't even agree with each other. If you're a Catholic, would you be happy if we had a Protestant government? If you're a Protestant, would you be happy with a Catholic governent? Once it became law, you wouldn't have a choice any more. Stop griping and be thankful you live in a country with freedom of religion. There are much worse ways to live.

    I've provided a link below to a description of the joys of living under a Christian theocracy. You might say, "but this is the penalty for treason", but under the Church of England, disagreeing with the church was considered treason. Putting the Pope's authority ahead of the King's authority in the church was sufficient reason to be found guilty of high treason. Sir Thomas More was beheaded for exactly that, and the only reason why he was lucky enough to be only beheaded and spared the excruciating torture of drawing and quartering was that he was a good friend of the King. Isn't that nice? That's where legislating morality and religion can lead.

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    You never know. I am not a supporter of GWB but according to the history. During the time of Ronald Regan that was how people don't like the man and many years later human being start praising him again. You never now. But history will tell the problem is that it takes history long time and years before it respond. Thank you

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    'Cause that worked out so well in the past?

    If GOP keeps their attacks up on the Log Cabin Republicans, how can they ever hope to beat back the Socialist...errr ahem, Democrats?

    Leave the gays alone. Let them have their marriage. If you are so butt-hurt about it give it a different name but make the rights the same.

    Raise your kids the right way. Let them learn science in the classroom and creation in church.

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    No, liberals will be in charge for a long time. Conservatives had their run and look what it has brought us in economics, war, social values. May I remind you that most of the government people who have had extramarital affairs are conservative?

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    America is ready for progress. Regardless how conservative you want to be, there will always be sex without a marriage license, some women will have abortions and some people will be gay. They all will just have to lie about it.

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    That will never happen. The Bible teaches that in the ending times people will love self over their Father in Heaven. People will also turn against those who love God and want to live a more secular life because they feel that it is more right in their mind to have pro choice, same sex marriage, and what ever else. People need to wake up and repent for their wrong doings. God will judge us all in the end. Hopefully people will finally understand his message. God Bless.

    Source(s): The Bible
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    No not if you mean like covering up for a willfully neglectful president! Conservatives betrayed America by doing so for parisan political reasons!

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    Let me put it this way; I do not want to pay, with my tax dollars, for anybodies way of life. How about that! I have zero desire to know that my tax dollars is going to minor group of people that continues to ***** and complain even of the smallest details against my way of life.

    Yes! America has been ready to return since Junior Bush took office in 2000! Bush is living proof that you can be a Republican, and a liberal. If things keep going the way they are, trust me as I say this, Barry Soetoro. . . Oops! I meant the Manchurian-Kenyan candidate, Barack Obama will be a one term president! I predict that in 2013 he will be wearing a tool belt, swinging claw hammer, driving a CLUNKER Mazda pick-up, building houses right next to Jimmy Carter!

    Yes! We need to teach our kids morals! Let's begin with keeping the parents together by giving bigger tax breaks to to married couples.

    Yes! People need to accept rejection in their lives! So what if the fat kid can't play Baseball on my team because he can't run! I will not say "nice try" if the kid strikes out! NO! I will say "better try harder, or I kick you off the team!" I look to win, and not compromise in the way of the ACLU! Why do you think that countries are catching up to, and in some cases, have surpassed us? I will tell you why; because the "if it feels good, do it" mentality that is taught to our kids has failed. Look at drop out rate of our country compared to our country, and then look at the kids that are actually excelling in other countries. Why are we behind in math? It is just an example! Now, I am not saying that all American kids are total failures! There are those that do exceed, and I do tip my hat to them.

    As far as abortion is concerned? I am against tax dollars going to someones "birth control," even in the name of science, like stem cell research. There other means of stem cell research!

    The great things that come from being Conservative! We tax-n-spend is a failure! Take a look at the "cash for clunkers" deal which turned out to be a total joke! And the joke is on the American tax payer. The Chrysler Corporation, has decided to double what the government has to offer! News flash!!! Who pays for the government, and who is paying for the bail out of both Chrysler, and GM? Why, the American tax payer that's who! Muther F****rs! And I will not see what the "pinks" look like! WE GOT HOSED!!! And tell Arlen Sphinctor (Specter) to go F*** himself! Government run health care! I don't think so! It is bad enough that SSI is almost bankrupt! Cash for clunkers is a joke! And we got a president that wants to spend money that we do not have! I want our government to open up Fort Knox to the public so we can see how empty it might be!

    Taxation without representation has been VIOLATED! The powers that be has zero regard for The Constitution, and zero regard for the Bill of Rights!

    You want to talk about being Conservative? Being means that you stand for what our for fathers stood for when they wrote the Declaration of Independence! Being conservative means that stand for the Constitution of The United States of America!It means that you stand against the unconstitutional!

    To me, THAT is what is what being Conservative is!

    Source(s): The Declaration of Independence. The Constitution of The United States of America. The Bill of Rights.
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