Do you think this guy was into me, yes or no and why? Other questions also?

So here is a little back round. I am a teen who works as a cashier on the side and I get a lot of people who live on farms, esp young farm boys. This guy looked to be around my age and I thought he was REALLY cute. Also the fair is this week and the local 4h group does showing.

Here is what went on:

So he comes to my lane with a bunch of salt blocks and I was like hi and how are you, etc. I then ask,"you going to be needing a farm sheet today?" He says no. So as curious as I am and no city folk ever buy that many salt blocks I ask, "what type of farm you got?" He says, "cattle." I say "beef or dairy?" he replays, "beef." So I ask, "Angus?" He says "Short Horn." So then I say, "Well that's cool. Are they Feedlot Cattle?" He smiles and says "Some Feedlot and some breeding." Then I ask, "So do you have any other animals or is it just the cattle?" He replays with, "Just the cattle." I then smile and say, "Well I think you should get some horses on that farm of yours!" He laughs and says, "Naw, I don't like any of them!" I then say "Well how could you not like horses......" Then I ask if he does any showing and he says yes for 4h. Then I ask if hes showing in the local fair. He said he was. he then asks "you gonna be showing them horses in the fair?" I say, "No, unfortunately you have to own one to compete. So I stick to training and lessons." I then ask if he will be checking out the rodeo at the fair. He says hes not sure because they are showing early Wednesday morning. So i mention that there is bull riding on thursday that seems REALLY fun. He agrees. Well then they go to take off and he says maybe I will be seeing you in the 4h barns this year? I say well i might just have to pop in and say hi to you and maybe watch you show. He smiles and says ok. So I go see you around and good luck!

Well on Wednesday I go to the fair and gander into the 4h barns. Well I eventually find him there and he finds me. What happens is, we didn't talk, but we passed each other down this little hall way sort of thing, we see each other. We kept eye contact for like 20 sec and both turn our heads to keep looking as we pass. Also again being curious I watch him show a little bit and mom said he would smile at me when he was in the ring. BUT WE DIDN'T TALK!!!!! So mom tells me, ok you did your part now if hes interested he will do his.

So was he interested in me? Could he come back for me? what should I do?

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    Take your Mom's advice. Don't push it; he seems like he's interested to me, but you guys just met so let nature take its course. It seems like everything is going in the right direction. One thing I've learned is exactly what your mom said. If a guy is interested, he'll find a way to tell you or show you.

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    I had the equal manage my Aunt's niece (now not comparable), I was once announced through my uncle and we had an robust connection, we talked all night time, she smiled, she continuously seemed in my eyes. She was once from the Philippines and simply traveling (now she's again within the Philippines). But she had a boyfriend there, however she gave me her mobilephone and fb, so I bet I bought performed as good. In your obstacle, I would not opt for it, you'll be able to simply be losing some time.

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    well if he does he does it takes time, and if it was meant to be maybe something will blossom. But everything takes time so just wait. Hopefully things will turn the way you want them to. good luckk!!

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    yeah your mom is right, if he is into you he'd come back

    but at the same time it would not hurt to find out more about him, even if it is just out of curiosity, dont you think>

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    he really needs to pay attention on his cattle ,and think about you later .

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    Jebus, I ain't reading that book...

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