First Job....Checking up on application HELP! Will choose best answer!?

Hey! Last Saturday I applied for a cashier job at Target online. I am 18 years old, am entering college and have no work experience. I really want this job! I went in on Thurs. to check in on my application I talked to a manager and he went to talk to someone called HR? when he came back he said they will be reviewing applications the following week and he took down my name and number.

My question is, do you think I should go back this week and check in on my application again? Who should I talk to? Do you think this improves my chances of getting the job?

Thanks! Will choose best answer!

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    HR stands for Human Resources and among other things, that department is responsible for th hiring of new employees.

    my suggestion would be to email the manager with a follow up, thanking him for his time and expressing your desire once again to work at Target. always be sure to say what it is you will add to the organization. for instance you might say something like, "i believe my attention to detail and friendly customer service skills will be a positive addition to the Target team." good luck!

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    I do suggest you continue to keep in touch with hr if you really want the job. Don't just call, give them a face to connect with. Try stopping by in person to follow up, but show how friendly you are and chat them up a bit..don't waste their time though. My hiring manager tells me about the people he meets all the time, and he loves when people follow up and actually show interest in the job as well as making "small talk"--they always remember these people best.

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    i am 18 myself but i im a senior in hs and i recently filled out a application about a week after i filled out the application i decided to call and check the status of the application and now i have a job interview coming up

    when u call to check the status of ur application it keeps ur name on the managers mind so i suggest you call and if they tell you to call back make sure you do i called the manager where i was trying to get a job so many times she new exactly who i was and scheduled me for a interview SO YEA CALL AND JUST SAY YOUR NAME AND TELL THEM YOU WOULD LIKE TO CHECK THE STATUS OF UR APPLICATION

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