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how long do i have to wait after getting my teeth pulled to get a flipper?

got front two teeth pulled

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    1 decade ago
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    You should have gotten it immediately. We take the impressions before the extractions and have it ready to place in your mouth once the teeth are out.

    There is no reason to wait for this. If your dentist says it is to let the area heal, I would question it because a flipper is just a temporary fix. It is made to have teeth there for cosmetic reasons while the area heals before the permanent bridge, implants, or partials are placed.

    Source(s): 30 years as a dental assistant/office manager
  • 4 years ago

    sure, they actual could come out regardless of no count number while you're having any subject concerns or not. BTW, on the time that pan replaced into taken, you had a hollow area under the filling of the better 2nd molar. you're able to have that dealt with in case you have not already.

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