2003 Pontiac Montana Van Drivers Side Wiper?

During the last heavy snowfall, I turned on my wipers and the drivers side wiper got stuck while the passenger wiper continued to work, hopping over the stuck wiper. I straightened out the wipers, but the drivers side still had problems.

I popped off the black plastic cap, undid the bolt and looked at the wiper. I noticed there are no grooves on the inside of the wiper arm where it attaches to the post. The post has very fine vertical grooves and I thought I may have stripped the grooves from the inside of the wiper arm as it was shiny and there were tiny bits of metal shavings. Anyway, I tried tightening it way down, when I turn the wiper on, the post still turns, but the arm moves just a little and the passenger side arm gets caught on the arm that barely moves, again.

Today I bought a replacement arm for $62, thinking that this had to be the problem. I parked the passenger side arm/wiper in the 'off' position and then installed the new arm (which does not have grooves, even new). I tightened it up and again, it moves just a little then stops moving while the passenger side moves and gets stuck on the stalled wiper arm. I then tightened the arm waaaay down and again it does not move, but the passenger side does.

What is going on? Both posts move when the wipers are turned on, I turn the wipers up high, both posts move at high speed. I've even tried grabbing the drivers side post when it's on to make sure it has the strength to move the arm and it seems to.

What is happening? I've given myself a throbbing headache trying to figure out where the problem lies.

To me, it seems the wiper arm simply has not made a solid connection with the post that does the turning. Even tightened way down the post turns and the wiper sits there.

Any clues?


Thanks Crazy dave. It still didn't work. I put the arm on the post, put on the washer then the bolt. The arm still would not move as the post moved. It's maddening.

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    Take the nut back off and put a small washer in place then replace the nut DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE NUT it will break and then its a hole different ball game.

  • keels
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    4 years ago

    The park mechanism is frozen. do no longer attempt to reposition the hands on the shafts or you will smash the wiper blades and scratch the paint interest whilst the wipers sweep previous the windshield. My Grand Prix has this situation each couple of years. you may desire to do away with the wiper hands, the canopy and canopy over the wiper motor park mechanism to loose it up and lubricate it.

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