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Trouble with my English as second language. How would you explain to people in this situation?

I want to talk to three different auto mechanic for their price, time they can get me in and fix it. You do not know them, and you want to call them first to ask these questions, how do you explain yourself to them for your need?

For example, if I said, "hello, I need to repair my car and want some idea on estimate, and time it may take to fix it?" But if I said that, I already know what they gonna tell me "Its depend on what is wrong with your car!' (Dummy!). or "Just bring it in and we will take a look at it, but it may take couple of hours before I can let you know"..... I do not have anyone to pick me up or drop me off, plus they will charge me for taking their time to look at my car. I want to just decide who may be a good place to take my car to and have them just fix it first time, but to determine that, I want to speak to them on the phone first..... (That is the idea). please help what to say?

Could you sort of write down sentences / paragraph how you would talk to these mechanics over the phone first time when you want to find out the estimate, etc?

Here is what happened.

My car started to make some noise and AC stopped working. I pulled aside and looked under the hood with a friend. We found a belt ripped and came off. My friend told me "these things happens like flat tire, just a maintenance issue". So, I figured that I need to buy a new belt and put it in.

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  • tim
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    1 decade ago
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    A new belt with labor should never run over 100 dollars, Thats if the shop charges you a full hour to put it on. It is very easy to fix depending on the car and should be very cheap. Just call and tell them you need an AC belt replaced and the type of car, They should be able to look it all up on the computer and give you a close quote. My mechanic is always dead on with his quotes.

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    Your joking right? Nobody will be able to give you an accurate estimate without looking at your car first. If you do find someone willing to give you an estimate over the phone, it will more than likely be a ridiculously low one just to get in the door and then they will jack the price up once they have had a chance to inspect your vehicle. Ask some friends and see if they know of any shop they have had a good experience with and take it to them. Otherwise, pick a shop close to home and check the Internet to see if there are any good or bad information about that shop. BTW Lawsuits are bad.

  • LeAnne
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    1 decade ago

    First off, you should not expect to get any kind of valid estimate over the phone by simply describing the problem. Take the vehicle into the shop(s) and ask for an estimate based on their diagnosis. Many small repair shops will do this for free - most dealers have a fixed charge for estimates.

  • vrrJT3
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    1 decade ago

    It sounds like you have enough skill in the English language. It's not a language problem. We all have the same problem when trying to communicate with people.

    I would ask them for an estimate on a serpentine belt replacement for your car. Or you can try and replace it yourself. Your local auto parts store can be very helpful in helping you figure out how to make these simple repairs yourself. But don't drive it without a belt because it could overheat.

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