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Is it okay to sleep with your female friends?

I've got a female friend that I'm on good terms with, and that I can talk about just about everything with. Often, when me and her are alone, I feel tempted to make my move and try if she wants to become more physical with me. I mean: We're very good friends, but never talked directly about making such a move.

So should I just go for it?


Yeh, you do have a point there, Paisley! I don't want to destroy a good friendship.

Update 2:

I appreciate your answers!

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    i was in the exact same position with my best guy friend. we slept together, and had a very good relationship that lasted 8 months. then we realized, we're better off as friends in the first place. i say that you won't know for sure until you do sleep with her.

    please answer my 2 questions, if you can.

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    What if she secretly likes you, and then you do this and she confuses it as you liking her too... that would mess so much up, hurt her, and the friendship.

    Or like someone else said, it could just make the friendship weird and awkward.

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    sleeping with a girl who is a friend has the full potential to ruin your friendship. your call

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    No because she mite just use u and then walk away. Things mite be really wierd after tht too :/

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