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I want to try buying my college books online instead of the college bookstore but need help!?

Ok, so I never bought books anywhere but from the campus bookstore. We have a "CRN" number that we match in the bookstore to the books we need for each course. Is this "CRN" number also used to find the same book(s) needed for my courses at, eBay, ect? Anyone who has bought books outside of their campus bookstore, please help. Thanks.

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    My CRN eating # was 10 last week. This week, it will be zero as I never want to see another one again.

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    You are correct, you should go by the CRN #. a good place to look is on Thats where I would order all of my books. and if you wanna save a couple extra bucks, you can buy 1 edition earlier than the one your school is currently using. For the most part, it will have all of the same information.

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    I have no idea, but you can also try I've purchased used textbooks from them and would do so again.

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    Dear ,

    I will suggest you


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