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can i use a credit card if i have a trojan on my computer?

i dont want money stolen from me so i want to know

and if i factory restore my computer will it get rid of all viruses and maware and all tahts stupid crap that idiots make these days to make people life miserable?

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    A Trojan virus is faulty computer program that can infect remote computers by changing the desktop or deleting important files. Generally called a Trojan Horse, it appears as a legitimate file or software from a trusted source, therefore tricking users into opening it or downloading it. Take action and protect your personal computer files by learning to delete this Trojan virus.

    Here is more infomation and removal guide:


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    If you restore your computer to factory defaults, it will, of course, no longer have a virus on it.

  • eyJude
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    1 decade ago

    it can be a password trojan...

    so restore it and that will solve the prob.

  • John
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    1 decade ago

    Please do not do anything on your computer that you won't want a stranger to see UNTIL you restore it.

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