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What animal am I based on this?

Based on my personality,what animal am I? I KNOW I'm a human,obviously,but I meant spiritually. I have a very tough exterior but I can be very sensitive at times.I have a strong sense of humor.I can suddenly become angry very quickly.I often worry about the small things in life.I'm caring but I possess a violent streak that brings out the best and the worst in me.I'm fairly reliable.I become agitated easily.I have a close group of friends.I'm fairly reserved.I can be loud at times and in some cases obnoxious but other times I can be thoughtful and collected.I love art and music.I would kill for my friends.I can be shy at times but suddenly become confident.No bogus answers please. Thanks x


Wow,didn't realise Gorillas had strong senses of humor...that makes soo much sense now...



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    here go here

    I am a prairie dog or a mouse!

    hope i helped! :)

    p.s. or u can type in animal personality tests in google!

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    A Fail-opotamus

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    Sounds like a Gorilla. Honestly, reread your statement and match every sentence to the gorilla.

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    a lion or tiger or a big cat u are strong willed yet also very proud and will pretect your freinds like a big cat would for its pride.and also you are load and get agitated sometimes exactly like a big cat.

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    a tiger... walks in small packs of family.. very loyal. the wrath of a tiger is feared by all and yet they can be very gentle. if provoked, action takes place quickly, and they have so much beauty

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    ok im gonna stretch it but... Idk maybe a chimpanzee? that just reminded me of it

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