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Which is the best college/university for Adult student in London.?

Apart from London school of Business & Finance, which is other good colleges/Uni offer ACCA in London. I would like to be in a study group of my age mates (30-45 years). Thanks for your help

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    Actually, I think you answered your own question! I think the LSBF is the best school for adult students - and it is getting even better this semester.

    With LSBF's ACCA program, if a student signs up for all of their papers, they can qualify for an MBA sponsored by the Dubai Bank. This means that the student pays nothing for the 14,500 GBP tuition for the MBA! This is being offered to 250 students, only.

    Because of this, a majority of the students who are joining the program are older professionals who are attempting to obtain their MBA.

    If you - or anyone else reading this - are interested in this program, you may contact me at any time on Yahoo! messenger or email.

    My name on both is thiel_pt_2008

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    Goldsmiths has a significant number of older students, and they're a good university. I don't know if they offer ACCA, though - that, you'd need to check.

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