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I feel so heart-sick & down, my man is leaving me for my friend because she had $ for med-school and I don't..?

Hello guys, I'm currently in medical school and have to absolutely leave for financial reasons (loans denied, no co-signer). Its not the studying at all but really it is a financial reason. Now my boyfriend is not talking to me much and he's now talking to one of my friends who is also in med-school and can afford it... I'm so sad... Please help.

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  • Eric
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    So you didn't believe us when we said that he was only attached to you because you were on track to be a doctor?

    I don't care if you were together for four years. You made a bad choice, you need to walk away from him.

    In a sense, it's better that you found out what he was like before you married him and became responsible for his debts.

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    that man is jerk he just dont know it yet

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