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Do whitening strips work?

Are they worth it? Do they make your teeth sensitive? What kind/brand would you recomend?

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    Use a whitening tooth paste and get some good quality strips- Crest is good but you could try to get them on sale they are a little pricey. Use the toothpaste and the whitening strips for a few days in a row and then only use the toothpaste daily and cut the strips back to maybe twice a week. They'll last longer and so will the results.

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    Many men and women choose tooth-whitening-strips instead of other over-the-counter whitening remedies because of their ease and convenience. When strips are applied to the teeth, they are virtually invisible, thus allowing users to go about a normal daily activities. They also only need to be worn for 30 to 60 minutes a day--much less time than other over-the-counter agents. Bleaching agents that require application via a brush or a tray are more difficult for to use because they are inconvenient and inconsistent. Some products have to be worn overnight; this can disrupt sleep and cause the whitening results to be unpredictable. While white strips may be a bit more expensive, the end result is typically well worth it.

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    Bet you did not realize this however hen strips can be utilized as teeth whitening strips. Just insert one on best and one on the backside after which go away them there for four hours. You'll be surprised on the outcome.

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    They do make your teeth white for awhile if you dont drink anything that can stain your teeth (dark colored drinks and coffee) If you wear the whitening strips too long, it WILL make your teeth sensitive. I dont know any brand but maybe crest?

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    Ive tried the best and most expensive before and ive tried the off brand cheaper ones. they all have the same stuff and it really doesnt matter which you use. They do work well and fast but it wears off eventually unless you use whitening toothpaste and such. Mine did make my teeth very sensitive, sometimes hours after i used them. It wasnt terrible either just really annoying. Good Luck

  • Anonymous
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    Yes they do an amazing job but my back tooth started falling out after using them too muh and then i stopped useng them for months and some more of the tooth started falling out but im not sure if it was from the crest whitening strips or my tooth was just rotting out

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