Want a phone with wi-fi?

i want a phone with wi-fi to visit website (not only emails) through my own wireless network or the wireless network from my university. In this way, i don't need to pay any data plan and still can visit internet through my phone

Do you have any suggestions? I am using verizon, and i am thinking about T-mobile

I am in Illinois

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    Google G1 Phone From T-Mobile

    Specs http://www.gsmarena.com/t_mobile_g1-2533.php

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    There are many phones with wifi you could use...

    I recommend visiting phonearena.com to check out phones that have wi-fi capabilities.

    You can buy unlocked CDMA phones or GSM phones so you can work it with any carrier you choose, so you don't have to switch for a certain phone.

    For t-mobile, I'd recommend the G1. It has wi-fi and a pretty nifty web browser.

    An unlocked Blackberry Bold is a good choice as well.

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    I would suggest T Mobile

    I have a G1 by HTC and Android. You can download a ton of free apps from the online market place.

    I have the Nintendo Emulator with over 100 nintendo games on it!

    If games are not what you have in mind there is an app called Team GPS that lets you and another G1 owner coordinate where you are in relation to each other using GPS.

    There is a ton of really great user created apps that are available, and i would really suggest looking into it.

    I have had my G1 for almost a year and I am really happy with it. I have talked 4 of my friend into getting one and they are all happy as well too.

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    Any phone running Google Android will do. I suggest you go to a T-Mobile store and ask.

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    you can use a Windows Mobile device, such as HTC phones, all of the currents have a Wi-Fi.

    and if you can change to AT&T, then iPhone 3G will be amazing for you.

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    Some to pick from are: T-mobile MDA Compact IV,T-mobile G1, T-mobile MDA Vario IV,T-mobile Ameo 16GB,T-mobile MDA Vario III,T-mobile DASH,T-mobile MDA,T-mobile SDA,T-mobile MDA Vario 2. All of these are good for wifi :) hope i helped!

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    iphone just swithch to atn t

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    Yes !

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