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How do I remove an old lawn?

The lawn in our front yard is very old. It is very dry, and has some crab grass and other weeds. I've heard about rototillers and sod cutters. But would a sod cutter work on a lawn like this? I'm hoping there are some landscapers out there that could help. Thanks.

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    First get a rear tine rototiller. The largest you can rent. 12 Hp will work pretty good unless you can find someone with a farm tractor with a power take off tiller. Till down about 12 inches to get it well broken up. If you use a walk behind tiller it may take 3-4 passes to get that far down.

    Check to see if your town has a compost dump. Many towns have a place where they dump leaves in the fall to compost and residents can come and take as much as they want. Now spread about 4-6 inches of compost on top of the tilled soil then till it in.

    Ok here is the hard part. Get some black plastic and spread it over the tilled soil and let it sit in the sun for about 2 weeks. It will get about 150+ degrees under there and kill off any weeds or nasty critters.

    Now after about 2 weeks take off the plastic and till it again.

    Now rake it smooth and plant grass. You can get something called Contractors blend from most home improvement centers. You need to roll it down with a lawn roller. This grass is mostly Fescue and Rye which comes up fast. Water the dickens out of it and in about a week you will see green. Now after it gets up about 1-2 inches put in some good perennial grass. Check with a local green house or garden center for what works best in your area. Marion Blue Grass or Kentucky Blue Grass are 2 good ones.

    You may want to check the ph level or send a sample to your local county extension agent. County extension agents are good sources of local info.

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    Mowing it won't work. If you don't kill it it will start to grow through your sod. That's not good. Charlieb is headed in the right direction. He's telling you to use Round-up to kill the old lawn. You need to do that. But then you have to get rid of the dead grass because sod roots will have a hard time penetrating the old dead grass--leading to a weak lawn. The best way to remove the old dead lawn is to go to a tool rental place, like Home Depot and get a sod stripper. This machine will make it fairly easy to strip off the old dead grass. Then rough up the surface a little with a garden rake and then put down your sod.

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    We had the same problem. My husband rented a sod cutter and it worked great! One thing we wish we would have done is put down weed killer before we replanted the grass...Good luck!

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    the best thing to do is to use a shovel and dig it up, get all the big stuff out and trash it or burn it, and flip the dirt, or if you're gonna replant then mix some fertilizer in and then flip the dirt around a bit.

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