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WWE ot TNA and why??

its or and not ot, typo :-)


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    TNA, much better for as young as they are as a business, and even tho they have less than 10% of the money WWE has, they have 1000% more action and take ratings, fans, and even superstars from WWE every month.

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    WWE. I do think TNA has some decent wrestlers like Angle, Joe, Styles and more, but TNA seems to be turning more WCW as time goes by. TNA is also doing well with knockouts and tag team wrestling, but TNA doesn't benefit like WWE does. TNA can get stale most of the time with too many promos. I have been a WWE fan ever since I watched WWF at age 2 when Austin beat HBK at Wrestlemania XIV. WWE has kept me entertained ever since. Sure they have problems with releasing the wrong people and marketing, but WWE is still better than TNA.

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    I'm sure WWE makes more money. But it's hard for me to decide which show I like better. I like the wrestlers on WWE better, but I think TNA has much better storylines!

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    I don't think the wwe or tna really have ot (overtime). I know it has happened though.

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  • tna is better than wwe because wwe is turning and is going to be wcw in fact i should turn my username to tna superfan instead of both

  • wwe the best

  • wwe is still wrestling major show

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    Um how about a real sport.

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